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Welcome to Evergreen Cleantech Facilities Management India Limited. We are a top notch service provider to help, manage and maintain your facility. We have an expert team of professionals to understand the importance of keeping your facility in clean condition while ensuring it operates efficiently and safely.

Evergreen Cleantech Facilities Management India Limited, offers vibrant Integrated Facility Management (IFM) services to its clients across India. Leveraging on our experiences, we intend to bring to our clients the best technology and practices in the field of Facilities Management.

At Evergreen Cleantech, we take pride in the amalgamation of technology and our concern for environment while ensuring the best availability of the client's asset. This takes centre stage as we manage each asset through a highly qualified group of employees well-equipped with latest technologies while adhering to safety and environment friendly procedures. Our Operational excellence platform establishes reliable operating procedures & best practices.

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